What is Angioplasty?

High cholesterol can lead to plaque formation in the arteries, which can ultimately block the flow of blood to the heart. When blood flow is compromised, the result can be che (MORE)
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Cholesterol in Popular Snack Foods

Snack foods can derail an otherwise valiant effort to avoid dietary cholesterol. Hidden in many popular snack foods is not only dietary cholesterol, but also saturated and tra (MORE)

The Benefits and Dangers of Taking Vitamin B-3 (Niacin) Supplements

Niacin supplements - also known as Vitamin B-3 supplements - have a long history in treating cholesterol. But recent studies have shown that while niacin does raise HDL (good) (MORE)
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What is a Chylomicron?

If you have high cholesterol and are researching what it means and what to do about it, you might have bumped into the term 'chylomicron' but not been able to readily see what (MORE)
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How To Make An Authentic, Healthy Stir-Fry Dinner

Stir-fry can be a very heart healthy dinner -- if you know what's in it. Ordering takeout stir-fry can be risky: takeout is likely cooked with a lot of non-heart-healthy oil a (MORE)